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NEW! 2010
Phantom Signature
Imagine you walk into a party or on stage and announce that you have made a prediction and locked it in a clear box. You either place the box in view of your audience or hand it to a spectator for safe keeping. You then ask them to select a card. After the selection is made and returned to the deck the spectator can shuffle and even keep the it for later examination. Have the spectator imagine signing their name on the card. Remember you have never met and this whole time they have only imagined signing their name. Nothing has really been done . . .  . yet!
Ask the spectator to unlock the box and take the envelope out. To everyone's surprise the spectator will find their selected and signed card! Not just their name, but their real signature!
If that is not enough, the spectator can examine the deck to find thier selected card gone!

Coming Soon ... 
Level Rating 2-4


Falling Angel
What would you do if your angel disappeared?

Imagine having a spectator pick a card. We've all seen this, that is until you wipe the angel off the back and onto the front of their chosen card!

  • Easy set-up with fast reset
  • Very visual
  • Great for walk around
  • Can be used as its own routine or added to any ace routine
  • Comes compleate with instructions (2) gaffes and Performance rights
  • Great to add to any ace routine! Very strong and easy to do!

Gaffed designed by Cornerstone Illusions and made by the U. S.  Bicycle Playing Card Co.

      (Extra gaffes can be purchesed at any time)
Level Rating: 2-4  
Price: $14.99 (usd)


Unfinished Color Change

A new color change never seen before!
Everyone's seen the card routines where the magician messes up and their card is lost...oops. Now, imagine finding their card in a new way merged with the mess up! This new and amazing color change will leave them in awe, especially after they examine it and find it's only one card. This illusion comes complete with Custom gaffed card, illustrated instructions, Intermediate and advanced controls and clean up, three audience tested reactions, performance tips, and performance rights

  • Can stop in the middle of the color change.
  • Resets in seconds
  • Great for walk-around
  • Spectator can be handed the card in the beginning, middle and end of routine.
  • Very visual, strong and easy to perform .
  • End clean
  • Comes compleate with Illustrated photo instructions (2) gaffes and Performance rights

      Gaffed designed by Cornerstone Illusions and made by the U. S.  Bicycle Playing Card Co.

     (Extra gaffes can be purchesed at any time)

Level rating: 4-7
Price: $14.99 (usd)


Crazy Card
Imagine! Having a spectator pick a card from a Blue deck, sign it and return it...nothing new? WAIT! You find their card, but there's no signature. You tell them, "I can fix that." You then wipe the signature back onto the face of the card, followed by letting them know you just cheated. You now show the back of the signed and selected card. In plain view at your fingertips, the back of the card changes from Blue to Red. You now perform a ribbon spread showing that all the cards in the deck are only one color- Blue- all but their signed card!

Includes a 10 page, fully illustrated instruction booklet detailing the routine step by step.

  • Over 40 Illustrated photos
  • Performance tips
  • Performance rights
  • Leaves your spectator with their selected and signed card to keep as a souvenir
  • Leaves you with a reusable deck

Note: Not for the beginner! You must have a good understanding of slight of hand.

Level: 4-8

Price: $14.99 (usd)

Refills and extras

  • Gaffes For Unfinished Color Change (1) $1.50  (3) $3.00 
  • Bulk rate now available ... Please call for more details.

       (Please note how many you are ordering)

  • Gaffes for Falling Angel  (1) $1.50  (3) $ 3.00
  • Bulk rate now available ..... Please call for details.

        (Please note how many you are ordering)

Level key

Beginner        0/2  

Intermediate  3/7

Professional   8/10

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