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This is a new page that we are proud to offer at no extra charge to are customers. We hope that everyone enjoys!


Bonus and Alternative handlings for the following ilusions


Falling Angel


Unfinished Color Change


Phone Phenomonm (bonus illusion for Phantom Signature)

Note: You must purchased any of the following illusions first to get the bonus and alternative handlings. 


Insructions for getting your bonus handlings

In order to get your bonus handelings please email us with your info!

- Where you purchased the illusion

- your name and  contact info

 For security purposes, please look at the credits in the back of the booklet and include the name of the credit for Artwork. 

(and  we will email you the bonus handling)


Do you have any questions or comments about our services? Send them to us. We would love to know what you think.

Give us a call at: (909) 538-9046

Or click our address below to send us an e-mail:

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